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Responsible gaming

Online casinos can be an entertaining way to spend your free time and hopefully win some cash. However, as with any form of gambling there are risks involved. Here at Royal Panda Canada we take our role in responsible gambling very seriously. 

Gambling addiction can lead to financial, personal, emotional and mental difficulties, that if left unaddressed can cause serious harm. At Royal Panda Canada we have several different ways in which we can help anyone who finds that their gambling is becoming a problem or a burden. Here we will break down the different ways we can help you if you think this has become an issue, and you can always contact our customer service for any further assistance.

Playing with limits – play it safe

The well-known phrase ‘know your limits’ really does apply to gambling. This means, only gambling with what you can afford to lose and stopping the gambling when it’s no longer fun. Keeping to this rule should ensure a safe online casino gambling experience. However, we know that it isn’t always that easy to simply stop, that’s why we have several different limits that you can apply to your account to make sure you keep within your limits. These limits are:

    • Session notifier: These are little reminders that appear after set amounts of time to remind you just how long you have been playing for. They also come with options to continue playing, or to log out.
      Set session notifier
    • Session limits: A session limit determines how long you are able to play during that day. Should you feel the need, you can lower this limit. If you want to increase it again, you can. However, the increase will take effect after 24 hours of processing.
      Set session limits
  • Deposit limits: all accounts come equipped with default deposit limits. These limit the amount of cash you can deposit each day or each week. Every player can lower their deposit limit should they so wish. Players can also increase their limit, though this will not take immediate effect – which also helps to prevent problem gambling.
    Set deposit limits
  • Loss limits: if you are concerned that you’re losing too much money, you can limit the amount that you are able to lose each week. Once you have lost the amount set at your limit, you will no longer be able to gamble until the new week starts.
    Set loss limits
  • Wagering limits: you can set a limit on the amount you are able to bet each week. Once you have reached your limit, you will receive a notification on your screen, and you will no longer be able to wager until the following week. 
    Set wagering limits

Try out any of our self-limiting time limits for yourself and see how they work; all you need do so is sign into your account and set a limit that suits you.

Limit increases and their timeframes

At Royal Panda Canada, we understand some decisions are made in the heat of the moment and we don’t want any of our players regretting their hasty decisions. So, to make sure our players are always having the safest and best experience possible, we have timeframes that are applied to limit increases and limit removals. This means, should you decide to increase any limit, or remove it altogether, the change will take place after a cooling off period. The time frames are as follows:

  • All limit increases or removals take effect after seven days.

Self-exclusion: definite and indefinite locks

If you’re still concerned that your gambling is becoming a problem, you can always self-exclude yourself from Royal Panda. There are two options: definite or indefinite lock. This will suspend your account while you take a breather. To help you avoid temptation during this time, we’ll be sure not to send you any marketing material. For the duration of the self-exclusion you won’t be able to:

  • Deposit any money into your account
  • Play any Royal Panda Canada online casino games for real money
  • Log into your account

The following self-exclusion options are available to players:

Definite lock

You will be excluded from logging in at Royal Panda indefinitely. If you’d like to reactivate your account during this time, there is a seven day cooling off period before you can gain access.

Indefinite lock

You cannot login for a self-determined number of days. Choose from one day, one week, four weeks, six weeks or six months. If you’d like to reactivate your account during this time, there is a 24-hour cooling off period before you can gain access.

Self-exclude yourself from playing at Royal Panda.

Remember to withdraw any remaining funds from your Royal Panda Canada account prior to self-exclusion, as once it takes places you will be locked out of your account and no longer able to access the funds for withdrawal.

Preventing underage gambling

Gambling should only ever be enjoyed by adults aged 18 years or over, due to its high-risk financial implications. We work hard to ensure only adults can play here at Royal Panda Canada. To help make sure this is always the case:

  • All players at Royal Panda Canada must be at least 18 years of age upon joining or must have reached the legal age required in their country of residence to participate in online gambling, if that age is greater than 18 years.

To make sure this is always the case, Royal Panda Canada checks players’ details against third party databases to ensure players are of legal age. If we are in any doubt about the age of a player, we won’t issue them with an account. In under no circumstances will winnings be paid out to any players suspected of being aged under 18 years.

Using filtering software

Should you wish to take further steps in preventing yourself from participating in online gambling, then you may wish in install internet filtering software onto your computer. These programs prevent you, or anyone else who has access to your computer/tablet etc., from accessing online gambling websites. They will also prevent access to other online content unsuitable to anyone aged 18 years or under.

Two good internet filtering software programs available include NetNanny and CyberPatrol, although there are other filtering software programs also available.


Gamban is a software product that blocks access to all online gambling sites and apps on computers, mobile phones and tablets. It works on all the most popular devices and operating systems, is easy to use and non-intrusive. Gamban offers a reliable barrier to online gambling. We have partnered with Gamban to provide one-year free access for our customers (T&Cs apply). Use the following link to claim this offer:

If you need further assistance

We at Royal Panda Canada have taken these steps in order to help players limit or prevent gambling at our casino. Should you feel that gambling has become a problem in your life, you should seek help at the earliest opportunity. If you are unsure whether gambling is becoming a problem in your life, you can take a self-assessment at LeoSafePlay to help you understand whether or not your gambling is developing into a problem or addiction. Remember, if the fun stops, stop.

If you think you may have a gambling issue, you can also take advantage of services like Gamban, enabling you to block gambling websites on all your devices.