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A $1.80 bet, one mega multiplier and an epic $18K Game of Thrones win

The Game of Thrones TV series is renowned for its epic storylines, but Peter from the UK probably didn’t expect to be starring in his own set of dramatic events this week after scooping a $18,000 win on Royal Panda’s Game of Thrones slot with just a $1.80 wager!

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How Peter scored a huge multiplier

  • Placed a $1.80 bet on Game of Thrones
  • Entered the free spins round by landing three scatters
  • Spun a x10,147.17 multiplier

Peter won $18,539 in a single spin with six wilds and nine House of Baratheon's symbols glowing gold on the reels.

Game of Thrones huge multiplier

What will Peter spend his money on?

Unsurprisingly, Peter was ecstatic but won’t be spending his winnings on a horse to ride through the central plains of Essos in search of plunder. Instead, he has his heart set on something much more modern.

“I knew it was a big win when it came in but I had no idea how big,” Peter told Royal Panda. “When the winnings kept going up and up I couldn't believe it. I’ve never had a brand new car before so I might treat myself to one."

A huge congratulations to Peter on his win!

Game of Thrones spins huge multipliers

As one of our most popular casino games, Game of Thrones takes players on a journey inspired by the events of the HBO’s TV series and its compelling cast of characters. Spin three scatters, and choose one of four houses, where various fixed multipliers and free spins could see you battling your way to the jackpot of €120,000. Why don’t you try it today?