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British Aliens player wins DVD box set with a x292 combination

When it came to our Aliens promotion, many tried, but only one could win. And that lucky winner was Ricky from Uxbridge, United Kingdom, who’s won an Alien Quadrilogy DVD box set.

The x292 combination that won the DVD box set

To celebrate the launch of our all-new Aliens video slot, we ran a promotion yesterday where the person who achieved the highest combination on the slot would win the brilliant Alien Quadrilogy box set on DVD.

But while many of our players flocked to play this latest addition to our video slots collection, it was Ricky who won the prize with a x292 combination.

So it’s congratulations to Ricky on a fantastic spin. Ricky, we hope you enjoy watching all those films and extras!

Have you tried our Aliens video slot yet?

The Alien Quadrilogy box set promotion may be over, but with a maximum win of over $572,000 available, there’s plenty of other reasons to give Aliens a spin. Play Aliens now and see if you’re a big winner!