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Andar Bahar live dealer game launch

Royal Panda premieres another new live casino game, Andar Bahar. Beautifully brought to you by Ezugi, this betting game enjoys widespread popularity among Indian players, and that’s for a good reason.

Originated in the city of Bangalore, Andar Bahar is played with a deck of 52 cards. The charismatic dealer shuffles the cards and invites you to place a bet on the Andar spot or Bahar spot. Wait until one of the cards matches the joker and celebrate a neat win if your bet is correct.

Broadcasted from Ezugi’s studio in Romania, Andar Bahar offers eight side bets that can boost your bankroll to staggering proportions. See if Lady Luck is feeling generous and maybe you’ll score an eye-watering 120:1 payout!

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What is the Andar Bahar’s game like?

Indian gaming fans have a soft spot for Andar Bahar, which can be best described as classic betting game. Try this new title on a computer or smartphone and feel as though you’re playing at a glamorous land-based gambling parlor.

Andar Bahar is a popular betting game because of its simplicity. Indeed, the game rules are a no-brainer and you can play this game without any skills. Enjoy live interactions with the professional and charming dealer to add a social aspect to your gaming experience.

Andar Bahar live dealer game launch

How do you play Andar Bahar?

The joker card plays the lead role in Andar Bahar, which revolves around the question: Which one matches the joker first, Andar or Bahar? Simply bet on one of those options.

This is the Andar Bahar gameplay in a nutshell:

  • The player places his/her bets.
  • The dealer selects one random card that represents the game’s joker.
  • The dealer distributes the first card to the Andar spot (1:9:1) and then the Bahar spot (2:1).
  • This process continues until one of the sides gets a matching card.

Andar Bahar includes eight side bets on how many cards it will take before one of the spots matches the joker.

Number of cards dealt Payout RTP
1-5 1:3 81.32%
6-10 1:5 84.75%
11-15 1:6 78.94%
16-25 1:5 94.72%
26-30 1:20 93.16%
31-35 1:30 83.55%
36-40 1:50 69.63%
>41 1:100 79.23%

Why play the Andar Bahar game?

There are several reasons why Andar Bahar is such a beloved gambling game. The simple gameplay and the fast-paced action contribute considerably to its popularity. The mind-blowing payouts up to a whopping 1:100 are another case in point.

Benefit from the potentially super rewarding side bets for a chance to boost your winning to an insane degree whilst playing this new live betting game at Royal Panda!

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