Game of the week: Fortress Charge

Journey forth to a magical realm in a mysterious, medieval land, where epic heroes and fearsome warriors battle it out with terrifying gorgons and odious ogres, in Royal Panda’s Game of the Week – Fortress Charge.

Read on to find out more about this unique and tantalizing new game that combines the fun of video slots with retro arcade game experiences and learn how you could be benefitting from 30 free spins thanks to the generous panda king.

Join the battle

What features will I discover?

Steel yourself for a monumental adventure on the 6x3 reels that promise to serve up unique features and marvelous quests. This potentially highly rewarding and volatile video slot promises a totally new experience for seasoned and new players alike. Drawing inspiration from old-school arcades and video games, this extraordinary slot certainly takes the medieval/fantasy theme to a whole new level. So, what is the fuss all about?

Explorers will uncover three paylines, but fear not, there are plenty of ways to loot the booty in this fun game that uses intriguing game mechanics to its advantage. On reel five you will observe various castles – each with its own cash prize. On reel one, you’ll be hoping to meet one of five brave heroes who will battle their way across the reels. On their journey they will face various villains, some of which they will defeat and others they won’t.

Royal Panda's Game of the Week: Fortress Charge


  • The noble Beast Hero is the muscly Minotaur who has the power to vanquish the Ogre.
  • While the sapphire blue Dragon Hero can slay the Ogre and Spikes Villains.
  • The enchanting Elf Hero uses her powers to slaughter the Scorpion.
  • Whereas the flame-haired Dwarf Hero can batter the Boulder Villain.
  • Finally, the Knight Hero can annihilate the Scorpion and Snake Villains.


  • The Ogre Villain can kill the Dwarf and Knight.
  • The arachnid Scorpion Villain uses its poisonous sting to defeat the Beast, Dragon, and Dwarf Heroes.
  • Encounter the inanimate Spikes Villain wall that bars the Beast, Elf, Dwarf, and Knight from progressing.
  • Come face to face with the immovable Boulder Villain that halts the Beast, Dragon, Elf, and Knight.
  • Meet the deadly gorgon Snake Villain and she will slay the Beast, Dragon, Elf, and Dwarf.

Heroes may uncover a secretive chest that awards a cash prize, be rewarded with a tasty multiplier, or collect accessories on the reels that will help them defeat a specific villain. Occasionally, heroes will find an empty platform or be greeted by a giant fireball that will blast a villain to smithereens, helping you get a step nearer to the big cash prize castle on reel five.


  • Find the blue vial Fire Potion Accessory that will help you defeat the Spikes Villain.
  • Uncover the Spear Accessory on the reels and it will defeat the Ogre for you.
  • Locate and equip the Wooden Shield Accessory and it will prevent the Scorpion from unleashing and using its deadly powers.
  • But acquire the even-stronger Shiny Shield Accessory as it will halt the Scorpion and Snake Villains in their tracks.
  • Discover the all-powerful Magic Wand Accessory and this unbeatable weapon will vanquish any beast or villain that steps in your path!

For each villain a hero defeats, you get a cash reward and a multiplier – up to 16x – will be added to the final castle cash prize. Make your way to the castle at the end of the row to reap the biggest cash prize of all. There are three different castles, with the red being the most valuable, at the final hurdle of your epic quest.

As well as trying to reap golden cash rewards with your fellow battlers, you can also enjoy unlocking achievements to further add to the arcade game experience and increase the fun. Get battling!

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