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Helping the panda improve its odds: We've adopted a panda!

Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, our adopted panda cub has sadly passed away. We’ll continue to support other good panda causes, more of which will be announced at a later date. 

With barely 1,600 Pandas left in the wild, the panda has become an incredibly rare animal. The extinction of this magnificent beast is unacceptable, and something we hope never to have to witness. 

This got us thinking long and hard about what can we do to help conserve this beautiful animal, and we duly struck upon the idea of adopting a panda cub. So as of today, Royal Panda is the proud adopted parent of a panda cub. And from this day forth, this little cub shall be known as ‘Royal Panda’!

Meet the Royal Panda

Are you also curious to see what fortunes lie in store for the Royal Panda? Not only will we keep you posted on developments with regular updates, we’ll go one better: how would you like to see the Royal Panda in person and shake its paw?

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Pandas International

The adoption came about through close cooperation with Pandas International, a leading charity dedicated to ensuring the survival of the giant panda.