Royal Panda

Interview with SnakeEye who won a trip to the Bahamas

We first asked 37-year old Ravin, playing under the username: SnakeEye, how he felt when he heard that he had won the fantastic trip to the Bahamas. He answered: "I couldn’t believe it, I thought it was actually a spam e-mail when I first read it. So I showed it to my colleague, who also said it was probably spam. Then I showed it to my girlfriend who said the same, haha."

“Of course I did know Royal Panda, so replied to the e-mail to find out more. I didn’t even know I was participating in the promotion, and am still not even 100% sure about it now. I’ll have to see it before I believe it. “

I would like to take my seven year old daughter

I would really like to go with my daughter during fall break, I think it would be an amazing experience for us both. Though she’d only have the one week off, so she might be a bit jet-lagged when we come back and she has to go to school the next day.

Bahamas? Where is that?

When we asked about his plans and activities in the Bahamas, his answer was “I have no clue to be honest, I hardly knew where it was when I first heard that I won the trip. My sister works in the travel industry, so she did tell me some things about it. I heard it is a very beautiful place, but I still can’t 100% believe that this is all real.

Well dear Ravin it is real. Congratulations again, and enjoy your well deserved holiday!