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Live Roulette $229k win sends Swede spinning

Royal Panda behind roulette tableMikael from Sweden has set the Live Roulette tables on fire today after winning a life-changing 1 874 930 kr ($229,764)! The 56-year old has enjoyed a winning streak at Royal Panda since March, and took advantage of Live Roulette’s high betting limits to win his fortune.

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Live Roulette winner scoops $229K

Spinning the wheel with real dealers, Mikael became a big winner after placing multiple bets on Live Roulette. His biggest hit was 370 700 kr ($45,419) in a single spin, and his balance stood at an incredible 1 874 930 kr ($229,764).

High roulette limits for high rollers

Live Roulette is just one of the exciting roulette variations at Royal Panda that offer high betting limits. In addition to Immersive Roulette, European Roulette and Multi Wheel Roulette, take a seat at one of our VIP tables, where you can bet up to $500 on a single number. Maximum bets include:

Straight Split Column Dozen Red/Black
€500 €1,000 €6,000 €6,000 €10,000

Congratulations Mikael, from everyone at Royal Panda. What will you spend the money on? Maybe you could take a new car for a spin! Visit the live casino now, and become a winner too.