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Lucky number comes in twice for $90k Royal Panda Live Roulette winner

Taking advantage of Royal Panda Live Roulette’s high-betting limits, Blazej has won £69,003 ($90,400) after spinning his lucky number twice in a row!

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Royal Panda Live Roulette dealers21 red proves lucky as Blazej wins over $90k

After depositing £3,000 ($3,930), Blazej spun the Royal Panda Live Roulette wheel and enjoyed an impressive lucky streak, which included:

  • Placing a winning £275 ($360) bet on 21 Red for £9,625 ($12,600)
  • Increasing his bet on 21 red for the next spin to £500 ($655) and winning £18,000 ($23,500)
  • Swelling his bank balance to an impressive total of £69,003 ($90,400)

Well done Blazej. You’ve proven that sticking to your lucky numbers can pay off!

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So, don't wait any longer, follow your lucky numbers at Royal Panda Live Roulette and become our next big winner!