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Royal Panda Live Roulette takes UK player’s winning streak to $377k

In his first week as a Royal Panda player, Scott from the UK has won an incredible £287,010 ($377,775)! Playing at our exclusive Royal Panda Live Roulette table yesterday, the 26-year-old took advantage of the high table limits, and enjoyed an impressive winning streak that saw him win £178,000 ($234,260)!

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Royal Panda Live Roulette dealersHow Scott took his roulette winnings to $377k

  • Played Live Roulette on his first day at Royal Panda and won over £126,000 ($167,000)
  • Spun the Royal Panda Live Roulette wheel yesterday and won £178,000 ($234,260)
  • Took his total winnings over the last seven days to £287,010 ($377,775)!

A massive congratulations to Scott. With his winnings, maybe he’ll take a brand new car for a spin?

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Following his big win last week, Scott has now won over a quarter of million pounds after enjoying flexible table limits of up to $200,000 per spin at Royal Panda Live Roulette. Set in a stunning Royal Panda designed studio, it’s no wonder that Royal Panda Live Roulette has quickly become one of our best casino games for high rollers! Enjoy our exclusive Royal Panda Live Roulette experience, and let the good times roll!