Royal Panda

Royal Panda turns two: dress up and help the giant panda

Special panda suitIt’s our birthday! It’s coming up for two years since Royal Panda launched, and we’re celebrating by giving the giant panda a helping hand in its fight for survival, as well as giving our players the chance to win up to five grand cash and enjoy 150+ free spins.

Royal Panda’s $5k birthday party

Helping the giant panda survive

To us, the panda is much more than just a mascot. We love these handsome beasts, and are celebrating our second anniversary by helping these beautiful creatures have a royal good time where they belong – in the Chinese wilderness.

  • We’ve donated ten panda costumes to Pandas International. These specialist outfits - as shown on the picture - form a vital part of ensuring the panda cubs Pandas International help to protect and raise, are able to successfully head out into the wild when the time comes.
  • In 2015, Royal Panda adopted a panda cub.
  • And of course, we’ll be doing much more for the panda in the future!

Play slots, win $5,000

But although we’ve donated ten costumes, we’ve got an extra one hidden away – a costume that could be your ticket to winning $5,000! Want to win the money? Simply take part in our seven-day birthday party to be in with a chance. Good luck!