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Thunderstruck II highest combination nets UK player $35,800 with $4 wager

Fantasy-fueled video slot Thunderstruck II has been struck by the magic touch of UK player Kirsty after she staked just £3 ($4), spun the reels and landed the highest possible combination. After triggering one of four bonus games, she racked up an eye-watering 8100x multiplier. Imagine her reaction when an entire screen of Wild Magic wilds appeared and showered her with a big win of £24,300 ($35,800)!

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How did Kirsty win big?

The Nordic Gods were shining on Kirsty when she:

  • Staked £3 and activated the Loki bonus game
  • Filled the screen with Wild Magic wilds
  • Achieved an 8100x multiplier and won a whopping £24,300

With 243 active paylines this gave her the highest possible combination on Thunderstruck II.

Thunderstruck II winning combination

What would you do with the money?

“I couldn’t believe when I saw it, I was just watching money going up and up, and up,” Kirsty told Royal Panda. “30 minutes passed, and I’m still shaking. This never happened to me before.” What will she spend the winnings on? “My daughter is driving for 12 months with an old car. I will definitely get her something newer and nicer,” she said. Congratulations to Kirsty from Royal Panda!

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