Royal Panda

World Cancer Day: Donating to UK charity

Help us raise cash on Cancer Day

In recognition of World Cancer Day on 4 February, Royal Panda will be donating money to Cancer Research UK. After calculating the total amount of deposited money by players on 4 February, we’ll be sending the charity 1% of that amount out of our own money to help a worthy cause.

Donating on World Cancer Day

In addition, for every first-time depositor at Royal Panda on that day, we’ll donate €10 of our own cash to the UK charity which helps cancer patients and seeks a cure for the disease.

Giving back to help a worthy cause

If you’d like to donate to the charity directly, please visit the official World Cancer Day page. We’re hoping that our humble donation helps Cancer Research UK to continue their good work, and we’ll let you know the final amount donated on our Facebook page as soon as possible.