Royal Panda

Hail to the king and win up to $3,500 with Royal Panda Live Roulette

This promotion ran until 10-08-2016 and has therefore sadly ended. Check out our promotions page for Royal Panda’s current promotions.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to play live roulette in the company of royalty? Here’s your chance to find out, and win up to $3,500 cash in the process! Join our royal panda at our all-new, all-exclusive Royal Panda Live Roulette table, and if you’re the first to greet him, you’ll win $100 cash!

And with 35 opportunities, that means you could win up to $3,500!

Play Royal Panda Live Roulette now

Win up to $3.5k with Royal Panda Live RouletteHail to the king and win!

Our royal panda will be stopping by our new Royal Panda Live Roulette table five times per day for the next seven days. Simply be the first to greet him, and you’ll win $100 cash instantly! Here’s how it works:

  • Play Royal Panda Live Roulette
  • Keep an eye on the chat box to see if the username “RoyalPanda” pops up
  • Be the first to say “Hail to the king” if he does
  • Enjoy your $100 cash!

Your money will be added to your cash balance straight away, so you can keep on playing or withdraw it on the spot. And with the promotion due to run for seven days, that’s 35 chances to win!

Have a royal good roulette experience!

If you like roulette, then you’ll love Royal Panda Live Roulette. With friendly, casino-standard croupiers, HD video streams and some of the largest table limits around, Royal Panda Live Roulette offers an enticing blend of authentic roulette action and Royal Panda quality – and it’s available exclusively here.

But don’t just take our word for it. Play Royal Panda Live Roulette now and see for yourself – you could win thousands!

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