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Win $3.5k in our Loyal Panda diamond players’ tournament

This promotion ran until 11-05-2017 and has therefore sadly ended. Check out our promotions page for Royal Panda’s current promotions.

Listen up Loyal Panda diamond players! Starting on 9 May, enjoy your exclusive invite to play in our dazzling diamond players’ tournament with prizes worth $3,500 up for grabs. Spin the reels on some of NetEnt’s top slots, score one of the top three 20-spin streaks and win sparkling cash prizes.

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Loyal Panda diamond players’ exclusive tournament

Play any NetEnt slot between 9-11 May 2017 and get your share of $3,500 cash, when you:

  • Play 20 consecutive rounds on one or more NetEnt slots
  • Get one of the three highest 20-spin streaks
  • Win $500, $1,000 and $2,000 respectively

Play NetEnt slots with cash balance bets, and swell your bank balance with the highest combos!

Royal Panda's diamond players tournament

Get the highest 20-spin streak on NetEnt slots

We’ll calculate your highest 20-spin streak relative to your bet size, so everyone stands an equal chance of winning. So, bet how much you want, play as many NetEnt slots as you like to qualify, and check the leaderboard on this page. This tournament is open exclusively to Loyal Panda diamond players, so there’s every chance of scooping a cash prize!

Interested in becoming a Loyal Panda diamond player? Check out the Loyal Panda program, rise through the ranks, and use your Loyal Panda Points to get great gifts and better perks, including no wagering requirements when you purchase bonuses from the Loyal Panda shop. 

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