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Win a meet and greet with the royal baby

UPDATE: The royal baby promotion ends without a winner

The competition is over, and unfortunately nobody won this time! We’d like to thank everyone who participated, and hope you had a great time all the same. But while the Royal Baby promotion may have run its course, the party is far from over. Our pandemonium promotion to celebrate our first birthday is in full swing, offering loads of prizes and promotions you won’t want to miss out on. Join in the celebrations now!

Barely born and already living the high life of luxury, etiquette and paparazzi: such is the life of a royal baby. Are you as fascinated with the royal lifestyle as we are? What would you say to the chance to meet the world-famous royal baby face-to-face? Holding him, giving him his bottle... sounds great, right?

How do I win the meet-and-greet with the royal baby?

Complete the two challenges below in any order you like before 28 February to win your place in the grand final: 

Challenge 1 Score a x300 combination or higher on Twin Spin

Play Twin Spin

Players already qualified:

Uschi2008, Lottoking38, SHANARa1, Marlon78, Wloczykij18, SLASH808, Lucifag999, P0lilla65, GJOVANI25, Bennyboyke, Andre1981, Kassutassu, Puhaa1234, Gabriella333, Dan140981, Gabber12, Thesaw32, Katskat1970, Doemadiema, Melissa77, Traktorist, Maritat90, JanineLP, Ar2dubie, Baciarek2013, Blackday, Daphnebolhuis, Hasagabina, Christian, pannamaster88, Merzonnetje, Lacisumusical, Bain2332, Carlys1987, Denideni, Misswoowoo, GhostPilates, D0nb0bb013, Joeduffy72, Petterallyal, Kitty1978, Skorrejaur, Terhika822, Gil12345, Sillen88, Wpeet1979, Jasnowlos, Deliminkov
Challenge 2 Score a x300 combination or higher on Gonzo's Quest

Play Gonzos Quest

Players already qualified:

Jimmyprox, Jacki1972, Jabalule99, Kingkong99, Cupycake91, Sts121082, Maikelheijmans, Krusken1, Faczeklbn, Pirvar74

Grand final Player who have completed both challenges will face off against each other in an exclusive Starburst tournament



*Upon completion of a challenge, your username will be added to this page. The list will be updated every Friday.

Meet the royal baby in…. Ya An, China

So, how did we manage to pull off a meet-and-greet with the one and only royal baby? Well, let’s just say we’re very well connected. Enter our unique promotion, and next month it might well be you travelling to the palace in... Ya An, where Royal Panda’s one and only adopted panda baby lives.

So what are you waiting for? Complete your first challenge today, and who knows, it could be you meeting the Royal Panda face-to-furry-face soon!

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